Korean Festival 2017 [Event – July 8th]


After the success of the London Korean festival in 2015 held in Trafalgar Square, 8th July at London’s Olympia, sees its return. The festival aims to be  just as awesome as the one held two years ago.  The day will be split into two parts. The morning will be free and the evening will be a K-pop concert, ticketed at £30.

11am – 5:30pm

Free entry: During the morning to the early evening, the whole family can enjoy:

  • Korea’s oldest traditions, (games, costumes and crafts.)
  • TAGO, a drumming group who performed at the  2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  •  Korean food and drink  stalls
  • Animation screenings.
  • A chance to explore Korean tourism
  • Watch demonstrations of taekwondo.
  • Witness virtual experiences of  Korea’s plans for the 2018 PyeongChang Games

There is an opportunity for would-be UK K-pop stars to compete in the K-Pop World Festival, with UK Regionals taking place at 2pm during the London Korean Festival. Applications for entry close 18th June, with the UK regional winner going on to the online international audition stage for the opportunity to attend the festival in Korea as representatives of the UK.

7:00pm – 10:00pm

The evening  will be a ticketed event starting at 7pm, costing £30 and will feature four K-pop sensations:

  1. Highlight are the boyband formerly known as Beast, who one of the most award-winning Korean groups of all time.
  2. EXID, (Exceed in Dreaming)  the multi-award-winning girl group whose catchy ‘Up & Down’ song I can continuously play withouth getting bored.
  3.  Snuper. Their name means ‘ Higher than Super’ and are a six member boy band.
  4. KNK is a five member boy band, whose name is an initialism which stands for K-pop kNocK. It means “to knock on the door of K-pop with their music.”

To book tickets, click here: or copy and paste this link in the browser. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/london-korean-festival-2017-with-feel-korea-tickets-35043066756

The festival will act as the launch of the UK programmes of the 2017-18 Korea-UK year. Over the next 12 months, there will be a greater cultural exchange between the two nations. At venues in both countries, the season will present music, performance and arts alongside a series of exciting collaborations. These will include a month-long K-Music festival in September, performances from Korean companies on London’s most prestigious dance stages including Sadler’s Wells and The Place, and visual arts exhibitions, workshops and residencies across twenty organisations across London, Bristol, Gateshead, Liverpool and Sheffield. Performance art also plays a significant role throughout the season’s programme, which includes KCCUK-supported external projects and an in-house programme dedicated to the season.


Download the programme here:  london korean festival

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