Immerse yourself in Korean translated literature at the KCCUK

The Korean Cultural Centre in London has been operating a book club ever since Korea was named as the the market focus at the London Book Fair back back in 2014. Four years later and the book club is still going strong. It is a great way to get access to Korean translated literature and discuss the book with those who bear a similar interest in the culture. The book club takes place on the last Wednesday of every month and it is really easy to apply. (January and December at the months that the book club does not take … Continue reading Immerse yourself in Korean translated literature at the KCCUK

Korean Language class [Cartoon]

I have started studying Korean at the language class at the Korean Cultural Centre, UK! I had to dust off many cobwebs and spiders as it has been a while to start learning again. It is quite difficult learning a language and you really have to immerse yourself in that environment. Listening, speaking, writing and reading! I think it works best when you are in the country of origin. It is shame that I have to use English at work and I can’t get away with speaking Korean! To be fair to my colleagues, they would not understand a word … Continue reading Korean Language class [Cartoon]