Getting picked for book club [Cartoon]

The Korean Cultural Centre in the UK have been hosting monthly book clubs since 2014. There are only 15 spaces and each month you put your name into a lucky draw to be picked at random. Due to the increase in populartiy, I have noticed it is getting harder and harder to get selected. So I often feel sad when my name has not been picked. But when I do, it’s another story altogether!! When you get your noficitation email, you then head down to the Korean Cultural Centre in London to pick up your free copy of the book. … Continue reading Getting picked for book club [Cartoon]

Essay Contest – [Deadline 30th April]

Do you love Korean Literature and always fancied writing about it? Well here is your chance! Asia Literary Review have partnered with the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, are holding a essay contest focusing on a selection of short stories by Kim Ae-ran. A rising young star of the Korean literary scene, Kim Ae-ran is the recipient of numerous awards. Her work has begun to be more widely translated and her novel, The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child, was brought to the screen as My Brilliant Life (2014) by the acclaimed film director E J-yong. The essay will focus … Continue reading Essay Contest – [Deadline 30th April]

[Literature Event – 17th Aug] ‘A Modern Tale of Poverty’ – Hwang Sok Young at Asia House

“A month had already passed since Bugeye and his mother moved to Flower Island. She had tried to console Bugeye at first by saying that people lived there just like anywhere else, but he knew it was a garbage dump … Continue reading [Literature Event – 17th Aug] ‘A Modern Tale of Poverty’ – Hwang Sok Young at Asia House