Who is Diya (디야) and About?

1468763_10151757291176570_1746529767_nDiya (Diya on Korea) is a Koreanphile after having being exposed to the culture and the food from her friends she met in the UK. She has been to Korea seven  times so far, starting with her journey in April 2007  and more recently in 2018. She fell deep in love with the tradition and history of Korea. Having been born in India and living briefly in the States and Hong Kong she identifies with similar threads of the culture and often finds herself making comparisons between India and Korea. Although having spent most of her life in the U.K., she considers her outlook on life to be multicultural.  She spends most of her time reading,  cartooning, writing and staring at cloud formations in the sky.

Get in touch if you have a similar experience with Korea or other cultures. Email her on diya.mitra@icloud.com or  leave a comment below. 

Honorary Reporter for Korea.net (December 2014 – now)


About the site

Welcome to Diya on Korea. The menu has been divided into various sections. These sections, will give you a background glimpse into what the world of Korea has to offer on these topics. I have listed posts that I have written underneath these topics The Home page will have updates on current and past events. The blog is all about my experience of Korea’s customs, traditions and history. All content such as pictures, poems (unless credited) are mine.

Cartoons depicted here are drawn using the app Paper 53 on an ipad 2.

Compliments and comments will always be accepted and appreciated. Its nice to discuss ideas and different perspectives that one may have and I like to encourage open and honest dialogue around a wide variety of topics concerning Korea. If there is something that has been misrepresented on here, or you believe to be inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me diya.mitra@icloud.com.



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