When in Korea [Cartoon]






So, did this really happen? Kind of! Shopping in Korea for me means many things, but it mostly means buying food items. To others, shopping can be all about buying the latest beauty products, make-up, clothes, designer shoes, that sort of thing. For me shopping in Korea is all about snacks and stationary! Recently I have ventured into buying books in order to improve my Korean.

The cartoons may be slightly exaggerated.  I did not eat them in Korea but I ate most of them whilst back in London. But I also managed to give them to friends and co-workers. The confectionary that is very popular  with my colleagues in the UK  are the hard boiled sweets from Lotte…. the green grape chungpodo ones?  If you have not tried them, you simply must. It is delicious. 

I drew some of the snacks in the cartoon based on the packaging design of the Honey Butter Chips and Banana Kick. The very first time I tasted the Honey Butter chips, I fell in love. They  are a mixture of sweet and salt and really  moreish. They were all the rage in Korea a few years back. Everybody loved them. 

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