Making Kimchi??!



So I have made kimchi about twice in my life so far. The first time, I assisted a friend. More like watched her do the hard work and helped. The second time took place at Korrito. When they ran a make your kimchi session. It was really fun. The trouble was they provided all the right ingredients in the right proportion and there was someone on hand to guide you! If I did it myself now, I don’t think I would be quite as confident! I really respect those who make their own kimchi. There are many benefits, you can control the level of spice and add additional things like grated carrots (which I learned from watching a kimchi lecture, given by Da-Hae West, the founders of Busan BBQ.)

As I am going to Korea this month, I might ask my best friend for some kimchi making tips and be sure to take extensive notes this time and be more involved in making my own kimchi on my return. Let’s see how that fares.

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