Author Hwang Jungeun comes to London for publication launch of One Hundred Shadows


Tiled Axis Press launches its  first Korean novel but second publication this October, One Hundred Shadows, by Hwang Jungeun,  translated by Jung Yewon.

The book is said to be reminiscent of Haruki Murakami at his best and is told  from the perspective of Eun-gyo who works in an electronics slum market set in the centre of  Seoul. It is not a love story in the traditional sense, yet it focuses on Eun-gyo and the boy she sees almost everyday, Mujae. Together they face this journey of life,  discussing shadows rising and the inexplicable desire to chase them, amongst other things.  Almost fantasical, the writing is fresh, hard edged but marked with a tinge of the supernatural. With an introduction by Han Kang, it is  a novel you would not want to miss.

Described as Korea’s young fast rising literature star, Hwang has written three novels and two short story collections and has won 7 literary awards. The Hankook Ilbo, the Lee Hyo-Seok, and the Daesan Literary award to name a few.

If, after watching the brief interview above, you would like to  meet her to ask her more questions, here is your chance!  Tilted Axis are flying her over  to London for the book launch on Thursday 20th October  at 7pm taking place at  the quaint  London Review Bookshop. Those die-hard Korean literature fans, will remember this was the  same place where The Vegetarian was launched not too long ago. (Janury 2015) Tickets are selling out fast. Click here to reserve yours.

Tilted Axis Press is a not-for-profit organisation and was founded in 2015, by Korean to English translator  Deborah Smith.  In a recent interview  with Deborah, (which you can read about here) she said ‘The aim for the press was a mixture of things: to publish under-represented writing, which is an intersection of original language, style, content, and often its author’s gender. To publish it properly, in a way that makes it clear that this is art, not anthropology’

The first publication by Tilted Axis was the erotically charged Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay.

Deborah Smith along with Han Kang, deservedly won the Man Booker Prize International 2016 earlier this year for the stimulating and simmering novel, The Vegetarian.



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