Cuter than an Ipad! [Cartoon]



Yes this did happen and I was really chuffed to win. I am not someone that win’s competitions easily. I remember a really long time ago, I won a black and white signed photo of Kylie Minogue! This was when she was quite popular in the 1980s and yes she is popular now! So it was pretty nice to win these bears, and I really did not count on their cuteness, despite the nice Korean Air lady on the end of the phone telling me they were seriously cute. I suppose she pressed on this point after asking her what the first prize was. It would have been nice to win the Ipad air too I was so close *kinda* hahah! Well I guess Ipad’s can be cute and cuddly. Hands up who falls asleep hugging their ipads? No? Okay its just me then!

2 thoughts on “Cuter than an Ipad! [Cartoon]

    1. Yes haha.I know what you mean… The falling of either the ipad or the iphone on to my face usually happens when I am looking at it in the morning and I am not fully awake.. *ouch* The bears are definitely much softer!!

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