To me you are Perfect [Cartoon]



I was inspisred by Sarah Sogna’s wonderful instagram post on this parodying the Love Actually movie. Sarah is an amazing freelance story artist whom I am inspired by all the time! I would like to credit her as I decided to take her and her cat Pepito, and  instead focus it on me and the drink Milkis.

I love the unrequited love story between the two characters in the Love Actually movie, Juliet and Mark. And it is been parodied many times, and a similar card sequence has been used for recent political agendas. However I wanted to draw something similar potraying my love for this sweet fizzy milky type drink and this seemed like the perfect way. My best friend who lives in Korea, makes an appearance only because she was the one who introduced me to this drink and also the very cheesy catch phrase ” #사랑해요밀키스 See the advert here.

For me, Milkis, is a soda like version of yakult. So if you don’t like milk products, this is not a drink for you.  If you are in the UK or abroad, you should be able to get it in any store  selling asian groceries.In UK  stores like Seoul Plaza stock this drink for a good price! So you can’t go wrong. Unless you are living in Korea and then you pay a much reasonable price!

Here is to you and 2019 and the Christmas holiday and hope you are spending it well with the ones you love and drinks and foods you like!

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