Beans with Kimchi [Cartoon]

These days I feel like old mother hubbard…(except the only thing I do have is kimchi in the fridge)







So after posting a version of this toon on my instagram and facebook account, a friend of mind pointed out that it is acceptable to have beans with Kimchi. This dish is called Budae Jigae – and there are other things in this dish as opposed to just beans and Kimchi.It is also known as Army Stew, because of how this dish came about. During the Korean war in 1950, food was really scarce and people living around the army bases, made do with surplus food from the bases. Most commonly this was meat in a can – like spam, hot dogs and bakes beans. Later other ingredients were added to this like gochujang and kimchi.

Maybe I will stock my now empty cupboard with noodles, canned spam and more baked beans so next time I can make budae jigae! But how to get to the supermarket? Another conundrum….

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