K-Music Festival 2019 – [3 Oct – 11 Nov]

K-Music is London’s festival of Korean music.   Now in its sixth year, it offers the chance to see major Korean musicians across our capital, performing anything from traditional music and the beautiful art form of pansori to avant garde, improvised contemporary music, jazz, rock and much more.


The line up


Korean music has a rapidly increasing worldwide audience and this year’s festival brings some well-known names back to London: Jambinai, Park Jiha, Kyungso Park with her new group SB Circle and Black String, plus emerging artists Gonne Choi and Hey String.

An evening at Kings Place, Celebrate Pansori, will sample five traditional Korean operas in one night, bringing this very ancient art form to a modern audience.

Produced and directed by the Korean Cultural Centre UK and Serious, K-Music 2019 presents another impressive line-up of concerts.

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