Nongshim Lady [Cartoon]

After attending the recently held open air film festival in Leceister Square on the 27th – 28th July by the London East Asian Film Festival I walked away with some lovely goodies including a free bag of Nongshim snacks containg Neoguri ramyun [seafood and spicy], Saewookkang [Shrimp flavoured crackers] and one instant cup of Shin ramyun noodles. It was all delicious and immediately consumed within 24 hours.

Food aside, I felt I had amassed a lot of swag, (Stuff we all get) on Nongshim goods through the years and thought it would be cool to make a sort of outfit from them. Although I fear I may offend decent serving members of the public due to the lack of pants.

Really, the nongshim outfit, aside from the carrier bag is just a t-shirt, which I got for free when I purchased a number of shin ramyun noodles over at Korea Foods and then the socks that I picked up in Busan in one of the market alleyways. I mean how could you not?! So fashionable and trendy and they really keep those toes warm!

I now have a new dream, forgot world wide famous cartoonist and blogger. I could be the Nongshim lady wandering around from place to place in my socks and t-shirt clutching my carrier bag, talking to anyone who would listen to me about how nongshim make great products.. Ahhh to live this dream – this is the focus now!

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