The smell of Kimchi [Cartoon]


Those who keep and eat kimchi at home can agree to the the smell being very strong and pungent! For those not familiar with kimchi may like to know it is a fermented vegetable. Although I will try doing a better job of describing its deliciousness. There are a variety of types, although the most popular is the one made with chinese cabbage. This is the one I make reference to in the above cartoon.

Kimchi is said to be the king of all side dishes and is always, almost served alongside a korean meal. The dish, that looks like a red garlicky goup is usually made up of garlic, sugar, salt, red pepper paste [gochujang] and fish sauce. You either love it or hate it. As well as being variations of the dish, there are different ways you can use it in cooking. It is also extremely healthy for you. It regulates your digestion system and can also aid in weight loss. For more info check out this Michelin Guide article  based on recent studies conducted by the Imperial College, London on the benefits.

I have not ventured into making my own Kimchi as yet. I am told this is better and you can be in charge of the fermenting process. One day soon! I will stick to purchasing it for the moment. It has been a while since I had bought Kimchi and it only hapened by chance as I took the wrong train (My head was stuck in a book and I did not pay attention to the train I boarded) Thankfully I did not land up very far and decided to make my journey a positive one and visited the Seoul Plaza at Golders Green where I picked up  korean dumplings [mandu] and this kimchi! I ate it that very day and  the next day when  I returned home from work  (thankfully taking the right train this time) it was only then I  noticed the smell.

As much as I love the stuff, I know why I am not usually purchasing it all the time. It is equally just as good  and less pungent to go out to a restaurant and eat it there! Mmmmmmm! This Wednesday I am looking forward to attending an event – . Korean Kimchi demonstration.  This is hosted by the  Korean Cultural Centre and will showcase  Kimchi Grandmaster (boy what a title!) Ha-Yeun Lee talking about this stuff! I know the tickets are sold out – but I will try to live stream the event on my instagram page @DiyaOnKorea (all the more reason to follow me if you have not yet already!)

Until then… kimchee ya later 🙂 (I don’t really see this phrase catching on..but who knows!)

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