Korean Music Festival 2018

The K-Music Festival  returns this year with another fantastic line up of musical artists.  The Korean Cultural Centre, [KCCUK] in partnership with Serious ,  have  lined up a variety of musical genres for you to enjoy. from  the traditional pansori to classical western music.

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Short trailer of the Korean Music 2018 Festival

The festival will kick off on the  2nd October and will run all the way through to the  20th November. SsingSsing, a 6 member band ,fusing Korean folk music with other genres, will kick off the event on the 2nd October at the Purcell Room at the South Bank Centre.

SsingSsing’s performances are theatrical and unusual – they perform traditional Korean folk songs passed around orally in ancient times (known as minyo), synthesised with guitars, bass and drums.  The band is made up of three minyovocalists – the incredible Heemoon Lee, in his trademark Afro wig, fabulous outfits, fluffy eyelashes and heels, singer and theatre actress Dahye Chhu and percussionist/singer Seungtae Shin plus bassist Younggyu Jang, guitarist Taewon Lee and drummer Chuhee Lee.

SsingSsing’s composer and bassist, Younggyu Jang, has worked with avant-garde band UhUhBoo Project (who performed at K-Music in 2013) and as Music Director for films including the highly acclaimed action movie, Train to Busan (2016), The Wailing (2016) and The Thieves (2012) as well as with the Eun-Me Ahn Dance Company’s ‘Let Me Change Your Name’.

However I am most excited to see Ahn Sook Sun on the 3rd November. It is a rare opportunity to see and hear Korea’s legendary Pansori singer up close. There are five surviving stories within Korea’s pansori tradition and Heungbuga, the pansori performed at this concert, is the most humorous and immediately enjoyable, depicting the lives of ordinary people and their trials and tribulations.

Images from top to bottom courtesy of KCCUK, Top: SsingSing, Middle: Kyung Hwa Yu, Bottom: Ahn Sook Sun

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