Savouring Korea, the taste of home at the Corbet Place Bar and Lounge

Savouring Korea, the taste of home at the Corbet Place Bar and Lounge

This weekend (25th April ~27th April) saw me grabbing a bite of a Korean burrito at the Corbet Place bar & lounge in London. It was a special 3 day event run by Joo Lee founder of Korrito, a Korean BBQ food stall. As well as having her food stall set up outside the bar, she took the opportunity to show her three part documentary exploring the past present and the future of Korean cuisine inside the bar. (The bar was serving Korean cocktails and I had a soju mixed with pomegranate, aloe vera, lime and mint which was surprisingly nice!!)

The documentary takes you through Joo’s personal journey and what food means to her, although born in Korea, she moved to the UK when she was three. She found food as a way of staying connected with her homeland. She seeks views from celebrity chefs and food writers about global perspectives on Korean food and journeys to her homeland to discover what makes Korean food so unique. She visits the 100 year old Gwangjang Market in Seoul and discusses adapting tastes to suit different cultural palettes.  After hungrily watching the mini documentary, I was glad to be able to stuff my face with an interesting mix of Korean Mexican food – the chicken burrito with Kimchi fried rice at the Korrito food stall. It was delicious and because I was unable to take a selfie of me enjoying the burrito, you will have to make do with this quick sketch I produced! Clearly in the second panel, you can see me chewing my buldak chicken burrito which I hold in one hand whilst stretching my other for some apparent reason!



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