And I am back

It has a few years since I have posted/published/blogged about South Korea on here. I have been back and forth to this country since I first visited in 2007 and so much has changed.

Its June 2013, in Busan and this is my fifth visit to Korea. Since my initial love with the country a lot of my friends and colleagues have now started to link Korea with teaching or knowing some one who has been out to the country to teach. Before that, I was always asked North or South when I told folks I was coming here for holidays and that I should go to either China or Japan because a lot more is known about the countries.

These days, I see many non Koreans out and about in Busan. Despite this, I still encounter the odd stare on the subway or generally on my travels around the city. I forget that it might be because I am not Korean and I wonder whether I left in such a such a hurry that my trousers are on back to front or that my hair parting is completely all over the place…

People’s awareness of Korea as a country to visit is growing.. A lot of people know some of the language already – thanks to Psy! ‘Gangnam Style” (perhaps without really knowing what it means). During my departure from Heathrow airport whilst on my way to Busan, a Srilankan gentleman working in the departures area spoke about how much he loved Korean films when I told him where I was going for holiday. He  probably knew more about the films than me – especially when he asked if I had  seen the latest one and went on to describe the plot. To which I said no and felt quite behind on the movie scene.

So many people have their love of this culture and understanding of this country and my blog as always is to write about my passion. I am always asked ‘Why South Korea?, what is about the place that you love so much?’
Its hard to answer in one sentence and sum up in a paragraph. There are so many reasons to which I always answer differently when asked each time. “The movies, the food, the people the language, the culture” Yet this only skims the surface.

I will open my blog again and capture my thoughts and impression whilst I am here and share them with you.


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