I started a Korean Novel Book Club!!

So there I was trying to get a place on the coveted Korean literature night at the Korean Cultural Centre to discuss the book, Please look after mother  by Kyoug Sook Shin. I had the pleasure of having read the book already. The KCC rarely do anything literature related and its such a joy to encounter when they do. Unfortunately I was not successful and missed out on the first literature night that took place last month in Feb. Feeling left out, I thought due the limited number of spaces, people must be feeling the same and surely there was an appetite for folks of like minds to get together to discuss formally and informally books translated from Korean into English.. the thought struck me! Why not create such a club…and so I did…!




As you can see, I was so blown away by amazing idea, and sheer genius that I almost forgot I needed to actually set up the group and invite members! Which I have since done *phew*- there are 10 members so far.. Its a private group set up on Facebook for those with a love of Korean literature in and around London. Watch this space for further news of reviews by the group or the KNBC!

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