I am off again!

Yes I have booked my ticket and am going to Korea for two months! I am so excited and the day is drawing ever closer. However so is my fear of packing. I have always packed for a minimum of 1 month max. However I am not sure about two months. The last time I went to Korea was for three weeks and that time was during the months of May – April when the weather was reasonable.
I shall be facing the bitter cold when I arrive. What made me choose the month of December you ask? Well I thought it would be a lovely way to spend Christmas and the New Year; both in another country and experience their traditions and customs.

Yet I am in a quagmire of decisions what to take. Of course clothes would be good and warm clothes at that. I would need to create layers as I am bound to be experiencing temperatures of up of 1- 9 degree Celsius. Brrrrrrrr………

The Korean tourism website recommends scarf; gloves; a good down filled jacket or a wool coat. Definitely a heavy sweater; warm pants and boots preferable fur lined. Although my friend says she has hardly ever worn boots whilst living in Busan; but then she is a native and I am a foreigner…. unaccustomed to the climate. I feel a shopping trip abound…. I have already picked out a few coats from the Debehanhams range and have already perused the Office shoe catalogue for their latest winter boots…..

Although I feel two months is enough time to prepare the few odds and ends; but knowing how time tends to pass these days; before you know it December will be here and I shall be tearing around the west end attempting to buy the last minute items.

Lets see what extensive list I will come up with to take. At least if I have my suitcase out the way its half the planning done. The other half is making sure I have the necessary travel papers and insurance. Well really that is ¼ of the worry. The remainder lies in the planning and structure of the trip. My previous trip to Korea was very laid back and I had hardly planned much. I took each day as it came; and my friend/host was very hospitable showing me around Busan and Seoul..
This time my agenda is to see much more of the country as I can. I will write up my plan. Of course keeping in mind that there will be a few things that I would like to do but won’t be able to due to the weather. One of these was to climb mount Hallasan. Of course I should always leaves a few stones unturned and a few paths untread; this way I get to come back and fulfil them.

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