The acceptance onto the Korean blog list and Pigs in Space!

Hello. I must admit I have been somewhat abysmal in updating this blog. Now that it has been accepted as a link on the Korean bloglist, I feel an added pressure!! *bites nails* Seriously, I will update at least once a week, but I have created another blog more recently with word press. Countess’s Corean Weblog A bit bizzare having two blogs about virtually the same thing; but I realised that this particular blog works just like a word document itself which is much easier to work with!

Not that I am going to abandon this blog, on the contrary; I will keep up both and use this to show case my adventures in Korea and the other page (the weblog) to talk about Korean culture and customs.

Just to whet your apetite, I have included a picture of me on my excursion to the UN memorial Park; Busan April 2007. That is all for this moment, but tune in (or log on) next week where you will hear Miss Piggy say… whoops I thought this was pigs in space for a moment I mean log in next week where I will recount my experience at the UN memorial Park.

Toodles for now.
Side note: I have since incorporated both blogs onto the wordpress one as of 9th June 2014 and the name of the blog has undergone a few changes, namely, Adventures of Countess and Countess’s Corean Weblog!

One thought on “The acceptance onto the Korean blog list and Pigs in Space!

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