And she’s off….!!

Yes I have mustered up my courage and settled on a two month break in the Land of Morning Calm. I finally booked my ticket and shall be going during the period of December and be back by mid February. Which does  mean I shall be indulging in a long holiday and have agreed conditions with my current work place. Having gathered far more information than I had first acquired; I shall definitely be making 2nd trip more worthwhile and be making frequent visits to the KCC. I shall focus on the next coming weeks on the following features; Isabelle Bird, The Korean flag and its meaning; Korea the … Continue reading And she’s off….!!

Korean Literature

I have documented all the books in my possession in Adventures of Countess in Corea. this week. Have a look. Although that blog diverted to talk about books it is mainly going to be about my adventures of Korea. Of course I have only been once. However I am due to go again and cannot contain my excitement. I am much more knowledgeable about this country than I was on my first visit and there are many things that I want to document and see this time around. I wonder if I can do it during my visit in the winter … Continue reading Korean Literature

Love in the time of Korea

Before we delve into the delicious details of excursions and adventures; we must start at the very beginning. What is the beginning you ask? The beginning to all adventures; the idea… the need and desire to travel. When we have this initial idea to go somewhere else; a place that captures our fancy, how do we get to know about this place? We may have read about it, a friend might have mentioned something in passing, we perhaps heard something on the radio or saw something on the television. It just captures our fancy. So in order to expand on … Continue reading Love in the time of Korea