I am off again!

Yes I have booked my ticket and am going to Korea for two months! I am so excited and the day is drawing ever closer. However so is my fear of packing. I have always packed for a minimum of 1 month max. However I am not sure about two months. The last time I went to Korea was for three weeks and that time was during the months of May – April when the weather was reasonable.I shall be facing the bitter cold when I arrive. What made me choose the month of December you ask? Well I thought … Continue reading I am off again!

And she’s off….!!

Yes I have mustered up my courage and settled on a two month break in the Land of Morning Calm. I finally booked my ticket and shall be going during the period of December and be back by mid February. Which does  mean I shall be indulging in a long holiday and have agreed conditions with my current work place. Having gathered far more information than I had first acquired; I shall definitely be making 2nd trip more worthwhile and be making frequent visits to the KCC. I shall focus on the next coming weeks on the following features; Isabelle Bird, The Korean flag and its meaning; Korea the … Continue reading And she’s off….!!

Korean Concerns…

Hello fellow bloggers…..! It appears I brutally abandoned my blog site for a while. I went through a series of ups and downs and ins and outs.. basically and came full circle! This blog started off about being an outlet to document my journey to Korea. I wanted to go and work there. To soak in the atmosphere of this lesser known country. Many people have asked me what is my desire to visit such a place when not much is known about it..Which is sort of my point… We know about Japan, and also China. Many people tend to … Continue reading Korean Concerns…

The beginning

So here I am in blog land.. learning well how to er… blog. It was not too long ago I owned a website… about a year ago… or two… or ten. Okay it was a while ago, the point was that it happened. That was the time I was on the world wide web, posting frantically and exchanging my thoughts with the web community. Since then I have stuck to emails and face book. Until today! I wanted to detail events of my ongoing journey to live and work in Korea. The idea came to me a while back and … Continue reading The beginning