Reporters Visit Busan APEC Nurimaru House [Cartoon]



 I was honored to be invited to Korea by Korea.Net very recently and had a great week travelling around Seoul, Busan and Tongyeong. It was our second day in my favourite city – Busan, yet our fourth on the tour overall and we were all instructed to put on our cool Korea.Net long sweat shirts. Soon after breakfast which for me consisted of 3 big bowlfuls of froot loops (we don’t get this kind in the UK) we were off on the bus to visit APEC NuriMaru house. The name ‘nuri’ means world and ‘maru’  means summit. Together it means world summit. It was primarily built for the summit that took place on  November 19, 2005 for the leaders of 21 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to host their meeting and luncheon. It has  since been used as a memorial hall and a prestigious international conference hall for various events. It is a towering building, built over three floors and its roof shape symbolizes the ridgeline of Dongbaekseom Island.

We were taken around the building for a quick tour and an endless snapping of selfies and group selfies. It does provide an amazing backdrop for photos and the place  is well known for its beautiful, natural landscape, surrounded by sense camellia and pine trees.
It truly does offer spectacular views of the beach and its surroundings, but I of course was only interested in the view of the coffee sign and in case you thought I was making it up I attach the actual picture of the sign itself. Although there wasn’t much time for me to spend sampling the coffee at Cafe B which I hope to do next time I visit.

This awesome building can be found near to  Haeundae Beach and its traditional Korean wooden floor towers overlooks Oryukdo Island, Gwangan Bridge and Dallmaji Hill.

In the second panel of the cartoon above, you can see all the awesome honorary reporters I met on this trip, (I will be writing about them more in my next posting) the fifth and sixth panel, shows the awesome Korea Net staff – Jihye Yoon – to whom we submit all our articles and who is in generally in charge of the blog and Social media sites of Korea.Net. Although the above scenario did not actually happen, I thought Jihye a very sensible and down to earth sorta lady that would probably actually say something like this to me!!



Korea Net Honorary Reporters at Busan APEC House Selfie
Korea Net Honorary Reporters at Busan APEC Nurimari House (27th Oct 2016)

Photos: Jeon Han, Korea.Net and Diya Mitra

Drawings: Diya Mitra

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