Korean Concerns…

Hello fellow bloggers…..!

It appears I brutally abandoned my blog site for a while. I went through a series of ups and downs and ins and outs.. basically and came full circle!

This blog started off about being an outlet to document my journey to Korea. I wanted to go and work there. To soak in the atmosphere of this lesser known country. Many people have asked me what is my desire to visit such a place when not much is known about it..Which is sort of my point…

We know about Japan, and also China. Many people tend to go to these places to travel, teach english and generally hang for a while. Korea fascinates me; its almost undiscovered; its not as popular as China or Japan and that is what makes it unique.

If I can get to the land of the morning calm and discover its inner world, that would be truly a treat!

Unfortunately, I have hit a few snags along the way and although have decided against teaching in a public school or private for the time being (for reasons which I won’t document just yet) I thought I would go there and learn Korean for a while.

My journey should start around mid November 2008. Until then I have decided to work up until end October whilst still here in the UK.

I will keep you posted of my journey along the way and document my time off from work (1 year career break!) Whu-hu…

One thought on “Korean Concerns…

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