My Cuckoo rice cooker journey [Cartoon]

My Korean best friend told me that the best place to get a rice cooker was in Korea. I was so in awe of this little device – especially the cuckoo brand – that I was keen to get it. My friend jokingly did threaten not to visit me in London unless I had a rice cooker! So I had to comply. But I tell you it was quite a journey.

I was also not very savvy electrically, and had no idea if the UK voltage and watts complied with Korea and I remember I just nodded and said yes as I was so keen to go home and cook Korean rice!

Out of the many times I flew to Korea – I took a German airline and it stopped over at Frankfurt. I had no idea the airport was so big and my father had warned me to get to my gate quickly. However I was thwarted by security, who were very keen to swab the ‘football’ looking device. As a result, I missed my flight. I did not think that it would take off without me – but it did. So I was stranded at the airport and there were no further flights to London. Luckily, the airline gave me a hotel voucher enabling me to stay overnight. Although I was annoyed at the time, I did get to extend my three week holiday in Korea by one more day and I got to stay over in Frankfurt! So thank you my oddly football shaped Cuckoo rice cooker. As well as cooking lovely rice, you also granted me this one more day! 🥰

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