Korean Picnic with a twist [Cartoon]

I have been immersed in Korean culture, ever since I met my best friend almost over 16 years ago. My best friend is Korean and due to her I have been visiting Korea almost every other year. As a result of loving the culture and watching one too many Korean dramas, I almost feel Korean as a result. It is also true that that rice is the staple dish at every Korean meal. Most Korean dishes are commonly connected to rice or some sort of noodle equivalent. So not having rice at this picnic, where I was serving Kimchi Pajeon [Kimchi pancake] Kong jaban [Korean Black beans] and Gochujang meatballs [meatballs coated in a spicy sauce] is probably somewhat of a disaster. However I was assured by my good friend Tim, despite the absence of this, it was still a great meal! I am looking forward to when the weather warms and when we can safely have a picnic with our nearest and dearest. I will definitely remember the rice next time.

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