Talking about K-dramas [Cartoon]

This is a true story. My aunt in India, Kolkata is a great fan of Korean dramas. Whenever I call her, she is always updating me about the latest Korean dramas and advising me which ones to watch and which ones to avoid. I called her up the other day wanting to hear how she and my uncle were and she just launched straight into the latest Korean drama gossip.

She was the one who told me about Chocolate the drama with Ha Ji Won. I really like that drama and as a result I am learning to play one of the soundtrack songs on the guitar.

My aunt thinks that Korean dramas and stories are really well structured and thought out. It is nice to share my appreciation of Korea with another member of the family. I like that she now understand why I have such a deep love for the country and its culture.  So if you want to know all the latest dramas and the best ones to watch – give my aunt a call!

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