Posting on Instagram [Cartoon]

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these days most of us are unable to go out like we did before. It makes it harder to socialise and meet friends and show off your newly purchased items of shopping.

The other day I could not resist buying these shoes that I saw were on sale. I knew that the places where I would go and wear them would be limited, but it still did not stop me. When you go shopping and get a new item, you want to use that item much as possible and get compliments. The only way to properly do this these days is to post on your social media channel. So this is what I decided to do. However, as my instagram is heavily associated with Korea, I decided to post using the Korean language. No, it was not an excuse .. honestly!

As I purchased a pair of new shoes, I translated this 새 신발 and snapped a picture and put it on my instagram.

So these days, anytime I want to show off a newly purchased item, I look up the Korean eqivalent and post a picture of this on my social media. Not only do I that instant reaction to my wares, it helps to my improve my Korean language skills.

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