Getting picked for book club [Cartoon]

The Korean Cultural Centre in the UK have been hosting monthly book clubs since 2014. There are only 15 spaces and each month you put your name into a lucky draw to be picked at random. Due to the increase in populartiy, I have noticed it is getting harder and harder to get selected. So I often feel sad when my name has not been picked.


But when I do, it’s another story altogether!!


When you get your noficitation email, you then head down to the Korean Cultural Centre in London to pick up your free copy of the book. For the coming month [March] the book being read is the classic seventeenth century novel ‘The Cloud Dream of Nine’ by Kim Manjung. This editition has been translated by Heinz Insu Fenk and published by Penguin Random House.


The literature night or book club always falls on the last Wednesday of the month. Even though you pick the book up at the beginning of the month, it seems like that is enough time to finish reading .

However, when you factor in your daily work routine and general life, there may not be a lot of time left over  and you find yourself trying to cram reading in during all sorts of moments. Like reading in the park on your lunch break. IMG_0271
Or on the escalator in the underground station on your way to work…

Perhaps even in the shower?



Well maybe not in the shower?! Although that would be amazing if one could read in the shower and the books could be waterproof.

I am happy to annouce that I have been selected for this month’s book club Now my only challenge is to pick up the book from the KCCUK and attempt to read it from start to finish before the  25th March!

One thought on “Getting picked for book club [Cartoon]

  1. I always like your webtoons, especially those published in… Good luck on the book club and may you be able to get the book:-)

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