Loosing my Korean tumbler


On my third trip to Korea, a good friend of mine bought me a really cool tumbler from Starbucks. She got this as a present for me or 선물 as they say in Korean, to ensure I had good memories of my trip and meeting her.

I used it all the time when I came back to the UK. Sadly, just a few months ago, I lost it. Somewhere between travelling to work and going home, it fell out of my back pack and have I been mourning ever since. I searched high and low, but could not find it.


Posting this loss on social media and having friends commiserate with me helped to soften the blow.


It had lovely symbolic images of Korea. Take this mask pictured here..Korean masks have a long tradition and are used in a variety of contexts. This mask is a ‘Hahotal’ and are used to perform roles in a ritual dance dramas. I have one hanging on my wall gifted by my best friend.


The tumbler also displayed other images of traditional Korean dance. These dancers pictured here could be performing for ‘Chuseok’ or harvest festival. They are wearing a whip like tail on their hats that they would spin when performing acrobatic movements. I have seen such dancers and it really makes for great fun and entertainment.


Every time I used the tumbler in a cafe, it would become a conversation piece, that would lead to many interesting exchanges about a country that my friends were not familiar with.


Fond memories were recalled and many. new friendships were forged.

Where ever you are tumbler.. I hope you are okay and have found a good home.

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