When I leave Korea..[Cartoon]

I love going on holiday to Korea, but I dread the time when I have to say goodbye to come back home to the UK.

A sinking feeling in the stomach as I make my way to the airport leaves me sad and miserable.

When I finish checking in at the desk, I wave goodbye to those that  I will miss the most….


I hug them one last time as I know the parting is always bitter sweet. Until we meet again my friends… until we meet again…


“Bye bye my dear dear friends” [from left to right] … Samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup) Mandu Guk (dumpling soup) Sundae-gukbap (Korean sausage rice soup) I will miss you all dreadfully and will come back soon so we will definitely stay in touch.

 Yes. These are my true friends and I will think of them dearly.
From left to right: My now ex best friend, coffee from a particular chain, some random background individual.

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