How I learn Korean these days [Cartoon]


These days I love hanging out in coffee shops. The coffee shop near to my work has such a  cosy atmosphere and it is very near to the Korean embassy in London. I sometimes sit and work and  study on my laptop. I especially love practising  the Korean language.


When I say practicing the Korean language,  I really mean eavesdropping. Between working and studying and blogging and cartooning, I don’t really have much time  to enrol  onto a full time course for Korean and or keep up with the latest  Korean dramas, so when there is a conversation taking place in the background, I try to listen in.


I also find myself doing it in when I hear Korean at the bookshops. DOKLK4

As London is such a diverse city, I also hear Korean being spoken on the underground. It is a lot harder to hide on the tube, so  I need to be discreet….


Although I do wonder if this new way of trying to enhance my language learning is actually helping. It feels more like stalking. So if you are speaking in Korean and live in and around London, be wary of me I might just be listening in!!!

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