Getting Older (cartoon)












So this actually happened. My friend in Korea loves to tease me. So calling me halmoni 할머니 was just a joke, however the two year older thing is very true. In Korea, age is counted differently. From the moment you are born you are already 1 years old. They see life as having begun in the womb. Usually a baby is 9 months when they are carried to term and for Koreans this is counted as 1 year. Also after birth everyone gets a year older again on New Year’s (Lunar’s) day and not on a person’s actual birthday. So whenever I go to Korea I am always reminded, especially by my friend, of how much older I really am. This is probably the only reason I love coming back from Korea. So I become younger. Someone should tell me in the panel above that I am not actually in Korea.. so I should not feel too sad!

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