Texting On Kakao Talk With My Friend (Cartoon)










So I try to text in Korean with my best friend, but at times she speaks and texts so fluently that I can’t really keep up. Although I can catch and read some words here and there. I mostly try and guess but that is not always a good thing. Our friendship has been based primarily in English so I guess for her and for me it can be strange to transistion over into Korean, but we do speak a few words now and then.

I watch a lot of dramas (with the subtitles) and although I have had to press pause on my studying Korean, I dream of the day that I can speak fluently and not need a dictionary.

3 thoughts on “Texting On Kakao Talk With My Friend (Cartoon)

    1. It can be hard when we get into specifics. I can do the easy things, like how are you? What are you doing? I am tired etc.. but when we get down to details of a situation, I need to revert to English 🙂
      My friend’s English is much much better than my Korean! I envy her – I hope though one day I can get to that stage! How long have you been learning Korean?

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