It is always Patbingsu time! ( Cartoon)












Patbingsu is a very popular dessert in Korea typically had in the summer time. It is made up of shaved ice with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit and served with condensed milk, fruit syrup, ice cream and more importantly red bean paste. There are many many varieties.

I never thought you could actually have this dessert all year round and the above is a true depiction of what actually happened after having a wonderful Korean meal with my friend Helen. It was her first time to eat in a Korean restaurant in London and she was really up for trying new things. Given that current weather is very cold and wintry in London UK, I did not think it a suitable sweet to have following our delicious meal of seafood pancake, bimbimbap, Japche, Kimchi and Kanpoongi (fiery garlic and chilli chicken).

6 thoughts on “It is always Patbingsu time! ( Cartoon)

    1. It was indeed! So was the Green Tea Jelly with the sweet potato! Thanks for the inspiration and idea ๐Ÿ™‚

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