Different ways of eating Kimchi!


Do you love Kimchi so much that you wonder at every moment of every day how you can you can incoporate this amazing fermented cabbage into your daily meal?

Well this post is for you! I will look to explore the many ways one can eat Kimchi rather than have it as a typical side with plain rice which is equally delicious. However it is good to mix things up once in a while.

This popular Korean dish has been declared as one of the world’s top five health foods by the Washington Post.
This vegetable dish has almost no fat, yet it is very rich in flavour and is nutritious It has a generous amount of seasoning and seafood and is spicy to the taste.

Read more about Kimchi at Korea Net

So if you are wondering what ways you can incorporate it into your everyday foods, I would suggest popping it on uncooked pizza before you put it in the oven. Then it comes cooked and has melted in with the cheese… really delicious!

What other ways have you cooked kimchi that is unusual?

Kimchi and Pizza


Stay tuned for my other updates and adventures on eating Kimchi!

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