f(x) at the London Korean Festival – 9th August – Press Conference at the KCCUK

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So I attended f(x)’s press conference just before their performance in the evening at the London Korean Festival. I like the occasional K-Pop song, but do not consider myself such a big fan.. but I think that might have changed after seeing them live..

This would have been their first official performance and appearance since Sulli left the band. You can see from the pictures that Amber was not at the press conference, but as you might have seen from the countless photos and videos posted, that she was definitely there at the performance.

The press conference was pretty brief and we were asked to keep our questions limited to the performance and the future. I was not prepared to attend the press conference, so did not come fully equipped, but did manage to snap a few pictures and record a few clips, like the one below.

Although short, I thought this was a cute video. Krystal is caught laughing covering her mouth in a very Korean way! If you wanted to see the full press conference, our good friends over at KoreanClassMassive.com have published the full link which you can view here.

I was feeling a little star struck, being familiar with Krystal from her performance and role in the drama High Kick: Revenge of the short legged. Also the only song up until them that I really knew of theirs and loved (and still love) was Electric Shock

A little blurry, but from this picture you can see they look happy. They were introducing themselves as the band f(x)

Having only arrived the day before from Korea, the girls were looking fresh and seemed in good spirits. Although loosing a band member only a few days before must have been strange to them but they did well to answer the few questions asked. They were slightly stunned when being asked about the rumours of disbanding. Thankfully, Victoria was able to give a coherent answer about the group in the middle of Luna speaking. The translator was also struggling a little bit, and I did wonder if it would have been easier for Krystal to both ask and answer on behalf of the band, as she is fluent in English. Although it was slightly refreshing to hear her take over when re-answering the question about being compared to the Spice Girls and their own characteristics.

This is where Krystal is describing each of the characteristics of the band

You can search the internet for pictures of f(x) at the concert. I was standing too far away for their performance to get a decent shot! I was shocked to learn that during their performance, 40,000 people were at the square. I only believed it when I saw this aerial photo !

Image courtesy of Korean Cultural Centre UK
Image courtesy of the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Definitely opened my eyes as to how K-pop has been received here in the UK. More on the festival to follow..

K-Pop Music inspires work video!






Thank you to EXID and their up beat tune that inspired my work video! 

Together with my team at work, I was asked to edit a video that showed what we did  and how we do things. It was an introductory video and although we do very interesting work, the video lacked, as the little mouse puts it, any ‘pzazz’. It was during that week that I had began listening to the track ‘Up & Down’ by EXID and it always put me in a good mood. Something was telling me to put a few seconds of it in the background and voila, it became a more interesting video with a little tempo! I would if I could, share the result of the video with you. Certain restrictions won’t allow it, however I am sure you would much rather see the actual music video from EXID and dance just like the mouse in the toon above! Enjoy!


Texting On Kakao Talk With My Friend (Cartoon)










So I try to text in Korean with my best friend, but at times she speaks and texts so fluently that I can’t really keep up. Although I can catch and read some words here and there. I mostly try and guess but that is not always a good thing. Our friendship has been based primarily in English so I guess for her and for me it can be strange to transistion over into Korean, but we do speak a few words now and then.

I watch a lot of dramas (with the subtitles) and although I have had to press pause on my studying Korean, I dream of the day that I can speak fluently and not need a dictionary.


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