The effects of lockdown [Cartoon]

Before the current situation got worse in London, just before the Christmas period got underway in 2020, the London East Asian Film Festival, was able to regale us with a mini festival treat. This meant with care and consideration they once again bought us films to watch in wonderful venues.

There is something to be said about watching a story unfold before your very eyes on screen larger than yourself and hearing sound that surrounds your every movement. There is also something magical about sharing these very precious and surprising moments of the movie with your friends and family.

I much enjoyed the opening gala of The London East Asian Festival’s Beasts Clawing At Straws and much unlike the cartoon displayed here. I did in fact dress up or wear decent clothes to the screening [ please see proof of picture below with London Korean Links Founder, Philip Gowman and LEAFF Festival Director Hye-jung Jeon]

As we get more and more used to homeworking during this current COVID pandemic, I wonder how easy would it be to actually turn up in home clothes and ones pyjamas to an actual event when things start to open up. I think very easy!

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