Essay Contest – [Deadline 30th April]


Do you love Korean Literature and always fancied writing about it? Well here is your chance! Asia Literary Review have partnered with the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, are holding a essay contest focusing on a selection of short stories by Kim Ae-ran.

A rising young star of the Korean literary scene, Kim Ae-ran is the recipient of numerous awards. Her work has begun to be more widely translated and her novel, The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child, was brought to the screen as My Brilliant Life (2014) by the acclaimed film director E J-yong.

The essay will focus on 3 short story pieces which you can pick up from the Korean Cultural Centre UK that have all been featured in the Asia Literary Review; The Youngest Parents With the Oldest Child’, ‘A Dignified Existence’ and ‘Where Would You Like to Go?’

Things to consider writing about: What is the author saying through these stories about the lives of young professionals in contemporary Korean society? What literary techniques and elements of style does she uses to convey her stories? What makes her writing effective – or not? The length of the essay should be no more that than 1,500 words.


  • Submissions are due by 24:00 GMT on 30th April 2018
  • A shortlist of 3-5 essayists will be selected by 31 May 2018
  • An award ceremony will be held in London in late June 2018 (date and venue tbd) when Kim Aeran is scheduled to visit the UK. The shortlisted essayists will pitch their essays and the judges will select a winner.

You can find more information here on the guidelines over at the Asia Review Literary Site here


With thanks to Philip Kim of Asia Literary Review, KTLI and KCCUK

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