London Korean Film Festival 2014

Jung Woo Sung at the LKFF 2014, Image courtesy of the Korean Cultural Centre, UK
Jung Woo Sung at the LKFF 2014, Image courtesy of the Korean Cultural Centre, UK

Unfortunately for me, I was not able to attend any of the films showing at the LKFF this year. It would have  been nice given my first time as an official blogger rather than just an eager movie watcher and film star stalker! I had booked a holiday to India/Thailand where I am currently now! Although I am enjoying seeing the facebook and twitter feeds respectively report updates of the days gone by.

Most of the coverage you can obtain from sites such as London Korean Links. Click here.  Philip has listed the movies in order they were shown at the festival and has also given links to the reviews. Hangul Celluloid is a good place to search for reviews and activities on the recent film festival.

I have yet to venture into writing about film on this site, but hope to do so in the forthcoming months.
From the looks and sounds of it, the festival is getting bigger each year attracting a larger audience and introducing newcomers to the joys of Korean cinema. I am only gutted that along with being unable to attend most of these screenings, I was unable to bask in the warm glow of Jung Woo-Sung and his Q&A and watch his movie Cold Eyes. I am a big fan, in case it does not come across!
Looking forward to next year 2015 at the LKFF!

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