Reliving the Korean Film Festival 2013

I was invited by the Korean Cultural Centre to watch Boomerang Family starring Je-Moon Yoon. I took my friend and we were invited backstage to to the after party, where it was the closing of the Korean Film Festival. Canapes and drinks were served. Yeo-Jong Yoon was also there as well the director Hae Sung Song. My friend fell in love with Je-Moon and I plucked up the courage to request a picture with him. Above was the result. A lovely end to a great festival. Looking forward to this years..! Continue reading Reliving the Korean Film Festival 2013

Review on Thrice Married Woman (Korean Drama)

Wanting to get back into the swing of watching Korean dramas, I asked my Korean friend for recommendations. (To your average non Korean  – there are so many to choose from!) She mentioned that she was watching Woman who married three times, or Thrice married woman and after finding that I can follow this drama on  I thought I would give it a go. ( offers subtitles – my Korean is not yet up to par!) Written by Kim Soo-hyun,the drama aired twice during the weekend on SBS in Korea (Saturday and Sundays) in the evenings over 40 episodes. … Continue reading Review on Thrice Married Woman (Korean Drama)